Thursday, March 22, 2018

A highly distinguished farm property FOR SALE

Sta. Cruz, Puerto Princesa City - A highly distinguished farm property

AL101 - 32,912 sqm                     
Sta. Cruz, Puerto Princesa City

OVERVIEW - The property remains undeveloped yet so productive, because of its good soil condition, accommodating and friendly surroundings. The contour of land is gently sloping, planted with few fruit trees and non-fruit trees such as 18 pineapples, 8 coconuts, 4 mangoes and 3 calamansi.

TRAVELING - This can be travel by land for about 30 minutes from the city proper of Puerto Princesa and 5 minute-ride by car from the national highway to the property.

FACILITIES - Water access can be obtained from a deep-well (jetmatic) inside the property and likewise line of electricity is just 300 meters in distance. There is cellular access on the property.

POTENTIALS - Lots of fascinating views can be spot clearly inside the property, for it is surrounded by mountains and overlooking Honda Bay Resort and other islets. This farm property is highly recommended for farm development, animal raising and other farming activities and live a peaceful and simple life on farm.

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