Thursday, March 22, 2018

Perfect Property for Relaxing Farming FOR SALE

Manlag, El Nido, Palawan - Perfect Property for Relaxing Farming 

AL123 - 37,941 sqm                    
Manlag, El Nido, Palawan

OVERVIEW - Get the chance to own this property in promising town of El Nido. It has a flat surface portion which is already fully planted of variety of fruit bearing trees mostly coconut, cashew, mango and bananas. While on the highland part of the this property, you can see the amazing views of overlooking El Nido Islands such as Langen, Malapacao, Pangulasian, Dagal-Dagal, and Pinagbuyotan Island. It has a river and natural spring located inside the property. Its natural resources assure a productive and sustainable living. This lot is best for those who wanted to experience a peaceful, relaxing and fresh environment.

TRAVELING - It takes 5 hours travel to El Nido from Puerto Princesa City and 20 minutes travel from the mainland of El Nido to Barangay Manlag. It has a good road condition.

FACILITIES - Smart communication signal is available in the area. Clean water is supply and generated by the barangay.

POTENTIALS - This land is an assets for development activities. It is already fully planted of different fruit trees. Good soil and well cultivated land. It is rich in water source that is naturally inside the property. Aside from enjoying farming activities this property is best for relaxation because of fresh air, clean and pollution free environment. It is also ideal spot for town house because of its location convenience.

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