Thursday, March 22, 2018

Exotic Property for Farming FOR SALE

Manlag, El nido, Palawan - Exotic Property for Farming 

AL126 - 35,113 sqm                     
Manlag, El nido, palawan

OVERVIEW - This property is flat land surface ideal for farming and animal rising because of its good soil condition and fresh water availability flowing from the river. This lot is fully planted by the different fruit bearing trees like coconuts, mango, santol, star apple and banana. In the place you can experience peaceful surroundings with fresh air and pollution free environment. It is located to the northern part of Palawan.

TRAVELING - The property can be travel by plane for 1 hour from Manila direct to El Nido, Palawan and from the mainland of El Nido approximately 20 minutes travel going to the property. However from the City of Puerto Princessa it takes 5 hours land travel going to El Nido and 5 minutes walking distance from the national highway to the property. It has a good cement road condition.

FACILITIES - The water source can be obtained from the river inside the property, also in the water tank from the mountain operated by the barangay of Manlag. When it comes to communication both Globe and Smart is available.

POTENTIALS - It is ideal for building a vacation house for those who wants to relax and experience a peaceful and pollution free environment. Because of flat land surface and water availability it is best for planting fruit trees, vegetables and animal rising.

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