Friday, March 23, 2018

Majestically Superior View of LongBeach FOR SALE

Poblacion, San Vicente, Palawan - Majestically Superior View of LongBeach 

BL180 - 4,403 sqm                           
Poblacion, San Vicente

OVERVIEW - This titled property with 47.45 meter sea frontage it also has some fine creamy white sand beach. It has accommodating and friendly swimming areas and with good diving area. Most of this property is situated on a commanding hill giving the owner an authoritative view fronting to Mount Capuas, Long Beach and through Barangay Alimanguhan down to New Canipo. From the seafront you could also see the view of Boayan Island.

TRAVELING - The property is reached at the end of the Long Beach road. You arrived by walking along the sand 3 - 5 minutes and take a short 10 minuet boat ride along the shore. By car to the airport is 5 minutes only for a total of 15 minutes from property to airport.

FACILITIES - Electricity supply is ongoing and can be ready for implementation. Water supply can be supplied on this property through a deep well. Both Globe and Smart cell coverage are available supplying internet access.

POTENTIALS - You want to be the talk of Long-Beach? This property is ideal for hillside mansion dwelling at its finest. From the hill you can see and will be seen for miles. Park your yacht off shore while you command the surroundings around you.

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