Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ideal for Vacation & Farm Dev’t FOR SALE

Barrio Napsan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan - Ideal for Vacation & Farm Dev’t 

AL127 - 73,581 sqm                     
Barrio Napsan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

OVERVIEW - This overlooking property is situated in the southern part of Palawan, planted of different fruit bearing tress like coconut, mango, banana, Santol and wood tress like Mahogani , Manguim, Gemelina, Ipil, Kamagong, Narra, Kawayan, sbayog and Accacia tress. The contour of land is flat and hill overlooking the west Philippines sea.

TRAVELING - The property can be reach with an approximate travel time of more or less 2 hours from City of Puerto Princesa and 3 minutes travel from national highway going to the area along concrete and partly rough road condition. It take more or less 2 kilometers away from Barangay Hall, Secondary and Elementary School, Marine Detachement. However 150 meters going to Kiao Beach restaurant. The transfortation vehicles are Bus, Jeepney, Shuttle and motorcycle.

FACILITIES - As of now the Globe and Smart Cellular coverage is available at some area, and there is water access within the property and the electricity is still on going construction, solar and generator can be use.

POTENTIALS - This agricultural property is highly recommended for farm development, animal raising and other farming activities. Can also be developed into a subdivision houses, residential vacation homes The peaceful ambiance of environment in this property is also inviting for relaxation. Camping activities is also idea for this site.

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