Thursday, March 22, 2018

Amazing views of Honda Bay on farm FOR SALE

Manalo, Puerto Princesa City - Amazing views of Honda Bay on farm 

AL014 - 43,692 sqm 
Manalo, Puerto Princesa City

OVERVIEW - This property is extremely beautiful, not just because of its abundant fruit bearing trees, but it also have a magnificent views from the top of the property, and have clean and peaceful atmosphere, and that makes this property so ideal for vacation houses and farm development. 

TRAVELING - The property can be reach for about 45 minutes to hour travel by land from the city proper of Puerto Princesa. It is located just beside the Barangay Road and about 3 kilometres away from the national highway. The property itself can not be reached by a vehicle as of yet and must be accessed through a rugged 20 minute walk. 

FACILITIES - On the property fresh water is available from a deep well. On the property line of electricity is already available.

POTENTIALS - The property is very ideal for productive farming and vacation houses with beautiful 365 degree views of paradise.

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